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Ecofast shares its patented technology, through a network of approved local manufacturers. Providing employment, skills learning and commerce within the community. Localised manufacture contributes to a sustainable production cycle Reduced production costs and minimises the embodied energy of production.

Building homes.
Changing lives.

When we created Hug, we wanted to do more than revolutionise the housing market. We wanted the actual making of Hug homes to change lives too.

Smart design means Hugs are logical to make, they create jobs and opportunities for a remarkable group of talented, resilient people; the ones who’ve survived addiction, broken the cycle of criminality, battled mental health issues, lived on the streets and more. These are the exceptional people – the ones at the heart of Hug.


By taking away the cartel-like complexity of

old-fashioned house building, Hug opens a huge number of employment opportunities.


Our pledge is that 80% of our workforce will have faced disadvantage and prejudice in their lives. We will prove, through the quality of Hugs, that no-one should be judged by their past.


#socialimpact #socialvalue #sustainability 

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